Electric Lady Artist of the week: Ali Barter

NAME: Ali Barter
JOB & INDUSTRY: I am a singer, songwriter, musician and writer.
FAVOURITE SONG: Malibu by Hole.

WHAT DO YOU DO? "I am a singer, songwriter, musician and writer. I write songs about the way I feel and I play them in a rock band with incredible musicians. I also write about women in music and explore the ways that women have been suppressed throughout history."

DESCRIBE YOUR WORK ETHIC… "Just show up. I find that showing up is 90% of getting anything done. I heard an interview with Benny and Bjorn from ABBA talking about songwriting. They said that it was like waiting for a dragon to come out of its cave. You have to sit there and wait. If you go have a nap, it might come out, then and you will have missed it. So, whenever I have to write or practice or create, I just rock up with my pen and guitar and don't stress about the final product. Just show up."

DO YOU HAVE A GIRL GANG? WHY DO YOU LOVE THEM? "Yes. My girl gang consists of my friends from school. I was lucky to have remained friends with the girls I went to school with. They are intelligent, creative and ambitious women. We all do different things, some have babies, some travel the world for work, some have dogs and like to camp and go fishing. They are supportive and courageous and hilarious. We laugh the same way now as we did when we were 15. They are my anchor in life. I feel incredibly lucky to have them."

WHAT MAKES YOU WANT TO GIVE UP? HOW DO YOU BOUNCE BACK? "My head makes me want to give up. I just have to learn to ignore it. It’s crazy the amount of horrible things that we say to ourselves in a day. If I listened to it, I’d never get out of bed in the morning. Sometimes I have to trust that my friends believe in me or my mum or whoever. I am not the best judge of my self. In fact sometimes I’m the worst!"

WHAT WOMEN DO YOU LOOK UP TO? "I love the actress, director and writer Julie Delpy. She starred in the Before Trilogy and 2 days In Paris. She is also a musician. I love writer Arundhati Roy, who wrote The God Of Small Things. She also writes about corruption and injustices in her country of origin, India. I also love the musician Jenny Lewis for her honest and prolific songwriting. These women are strong and opinionated and are actually saying something through their art. Jenny Lewis writes about getting to 40 and not having a baby, Julie Delpy writes about awkward moments in relationships - insecurity, vulnerability; and Arundhati Roy exposes horrible things being done by corporations, governments and debunking myths history has presented us with."