Electric Lady Artist of the week: BEC SANDRIDGE

FAVOURITE FEMALE ARTIST + WHY: “Leslie Feist is one of the best live shows I’ve seen. She is a ripper guitarist and has a ripper band. She’s also sustained a music career for fifteen odd years and remained relevant and credible. What a gal.”

WHAT DO YOU DO? "I write words and music, play guitar, sing, perform, busk, eat and do emails."

IS THIS WHAT YOU’VE ALWAYS DREAMED OF? "It’s really hard work and has it’s roller-coaster-y moments most certainly, but it’s definitely the best job I’ve ever had. I’m pretty darn excited for the year ahead also. So yes, I think it is!"

THREE OF YOUR HARDEST MOMENTS? "Realising that I would never be able to play piano after a good couple lessons. Coming out to my family and friends. Four-hour RSL club shows, in general."

WHAT WERE YOU LIKE AS A KID? "I went through a lot of phases in primary school. Or maybe I just liked dabbling and being busy. I did surfing, horse riding and acting. I don’t really do any of those things anymore. But I still really like being busy and trying new things."

WHAT WERE YOU LIKE AS A TEENAGER? "I became really introverted and anxious weirdly. I loved school and became obsessed with English/words. I think in years 10 to 12 I learnt that if you really focus on a project and flesh it out, generally you can make something really neat and exciting. I learned that it’s really important to be a sponge before you create something (read, listen, watch everything broadly, but then get specific). Also, tailor and mold a project or task to suit your skill-set. I was never really good at writing essays in school, so I would submit collages/poems/short films instead."

DESCRIBE YOUR WORK ETHIC? "Mm… I’m definitely a workaholic which has its pros and cons. I work 24/7 and I find it hard to switch off. But I think being thick skinned whilst somehow being able to feel everything in this industry is really important. So, I guess my work ethic is ~feels~ and perseverance, or something. Setting tasks and goals is key."

WHAT MAKES YOU WANT TO GIVE UP? AND BOUNCE BACK? "Running low on Nutella. Having zero sleep. Not having anyone to cuddle. Having a gap fringe. Buying Nutella, getting sleep, getting and giving cuddles, buying a comb. Also, just looking after myself (reading, going for walks, setting tasks to challenge myself)."

WHAT MAKES A WOMAN ELECTRIC? "Someone who makes people feel inspired, someone who encourages people, someone who makes people laugh, someone who is unafraid to be vulnerable, someone who refuses to have their dream extinguished by anyone/anything."