Electric Lady Influencer of the week: Tyler Wright

NAME: Tyler Wright
WHAT DO U DO: Professional surfer
FAVOURITE SONG: On + Off by Maggie Rogers
FAVOURITE FEMALE ARTIST & WHY: Adele, I feel like she's a boss and I fell in love with her statement "music is for ears not eyes". Taking all of society's demands and flushing them down the toilet.

WHAT DO YOU DO? “I travel the world with friends, working on a craft that I absolutely love (surfing). Mother Nature is my play ground to learn.”

IS THIS WHAT YOU ALWAYS DREAMED OF?“No or maybe it was when I was really young and it just got lost when I was growing up. For a while I did it because I was just really good at it... That was never really sustainable for me though, or a good enough reason, being so young I didn't really know what was and I didn't know myself enough to answer that question either. Realising this I took a step back to focus on how I felt about my life, what felt like me and what didn't, learning and unlearning. A couple life experiences later and perspective changes, I found me. So, whether or not this was my dream, it’s my reality now and I'm so in love with it, it's better than anything I feel I ever could of dreamed.”

FORKS IN THE ROAD, HOW DID YOU MANAGE THEM? "I feel like there's no wrong decision ever, what ever path I chose in life it would lead me to another life experience. I've never really placed importance on an experience being good or bad, it's just simply what it is. I'll know I'll always grow and learn from it. I've sat on both sides of the fence, procrastinating and to just jump. There's is no right or wrong way to come to a decision, the only thing I've found that can help is knowing yourself. "

DESCRIBE YOUR WORK ETHIC… "It's balanced, when I need to work hard and focus on what needs to be done I do, I love my work and I'm very passionate about it. When my work is finished or I need to relax, I do. I've learnt to switch off and spend time on other areas of my life. Which I've found very important to maintain the level at which I like to do things and not burnout."

DO YOU HAVE RITUALS? WOULD YOU SHARE ONE WITH US? "I make time in everyday day to meditate, I realised that so much happens in life, we rarely give ourselves time to reflect and process. I was always rushing and never quite settled in my own mind. So, to simply sit down for 10 mins to stop and be still, to watch the way my mind works and understanding who I am that little bit more. It's just something nice that I do for me."

WHAT MAKES A WOMAN ELECTRIC? "A women who truly embraces their true nature. Who through all adversities has been able to learn, grow, balance and thrive in life. No matter what happens their mind is always open."