A letter from Jack River

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A word from director Jack River on the year ahead. 

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the first ever edition of the Electric Lady newsletter. I’m writing to you in celebration of the launch of the EL media platform which will see us featuring interviews, playlists and a regular newsletter (the first of which you are reading right now).

Electric Lady was born in April 2017 as a female fronted band night in Sydney & Melbourne featuring Australia’s finest grit fuelled acts, and a powerful series of interviews with electric women from all over Australia including astro physicist Katie Mack, world champion surfers Stephanie Gilmore and Tyler Wright, aeronautical engineer Belinda Pavlovic, media personalities Nkechi Anele and Gemma Pike, actress Isabel Lucas and so many more.

The idea, and the feeling had been burning away like incense in the back of my mind for some time, but at the end of 2016 with the wave of the Women’s Marches, I felt a serious fucking storm brewing and needed to put my energy toward something in my own industry. The music industry’s statistics were terrible at the beginning of 2017, female-fronted radio play was down, festival headliners were almost always male, and there was little female representation at the top. We picked up the revolution that was standing on the side of road, rearing and ready to enter the ride of 2017.

Little did we know, millions around the world were doing the same - driving old and new ideas of all colours, swiftly, to the middle of the internet where we found place of rest, empathy and fire that we may have been needing for almost 2000 years. Women found each other, and the great men of our age were there to feel the very deep magic.

Across 2017, women and men all over the world unearthed the beginnings of a new era on this planet that we will see play out across our lifetimes. We were stopped in our tracks with the unfurling of stories from the #metoo movement, we saw the awakening of the female in tech with the emergence of Bumble and #Girlboss, we saw companies worldwide realise the importance of equality in their boardrooms and made them start talking about it and Saudi Arabia issued their first decree that will see women take up the right to drive.

These things should not feel revolutionary, but they do.

We are at a turning point, a rising moon into a dark and old night - one which we must light in every corner. We made Electric Lady to deliver a shock to the system, a vivid cultural potion, to shine a focused light on women, so that new heroines are delivered to the system quickly. We’re using our love for media, music and technology to build a go-to platform for women to find idols, partners in crime and the stories and bands that will inspire them to make the most electric world we can imagine.

Here is your princess & here is the horizon from Aldous Harding’s Horizon, is the defining lyric for me to articulate how I feel about moving forward from here. Here we are, and here is the horizon. May we speed there, but forget no detail along the way, as we build this new dream for women, men, girls and boys on this fine planet <3



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