Electric Lady Influencer of the Week: Molly Taylor




NAME: Molly Taylor

WHAT DO YOU DO: Rally Driver for Subaru do Motorsport. I compete in the Australian Rally Championship and am an Ambassador for the Subaru brand.

FAVOURITE BAND: I love a whole range of music - no particular favourites! Everything from Flume to David Gray are on my recently played list. 

FAVOURITE SONG: That's difficult! I'd probably have to say U2's Elevation - only because a spectacular rally video was made to that track years ago and I always found it incredibly inspiring. 

FAVOURITE FEMALE ARTIST + WHY: I've always been a fan of Missy Higgins and more recently Lorde. I like their music and the fact that they are authentic and have a genuine passion for what they do. 


“Make sure you do it because you love it. It’s really easy to let all of the pressure and expectations take away from actually enjoying what you are there to do. The best rallies I’ve had and my best performance has come when I’ve been really enjoying the driving side of things. Make sure in amongst all the other stuff - that at the end of the day you enjoy what you do.”  


“It’s really special. When I first met Ella, who is 6, I was in Canberra. It was winter and freezing and she refused to put a jacket on because she wanted to wear her Subaru shirt when she came up to the service area. She was there in all Subaru gear and super shy, but was so determined to come and see, and she just had such a passion from rallying, which is pretty inspiring for me to see someone so young that’s sharing what we all love about the sport as well. I didn’t have any idea about her background [Ella has autism] until later on when I was speaking with her parents. To have rallying, inspire someone and help them with their journey like that is powerful.”


"Firstly my mum - she was a professional rally co-driver for about fifteen years. So I grew up with my mum, where that was her job - rallying. She was my role model and as young kids, we thought what she did was a completely normal thing for a mum to do. I never saw gender or anything like that being a barrier for me, because I saw how it was done. Growing up and seeing how a professional team worked gave me incredible insight into what I needed to do. Also, Michèle Mouton, who was a World Rally Champion driver in the 80s' for Audi, she was an incredible driver in that era. The cars were very difficult to drive and very powerful. It was a really physically demanding thing to do. She was really, really determined and competitive. To see how competitive she was, and how well she did, she really paved the way. It's inspiring to watch."